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HIBC web site

The EHIBCC website has been consolidated with that of HIBCC Global, and can now be accessed by clicking here. If you would like to bookmark our new address enter or

EHIBCC LIC holders

EHIBCC LIC holders are transfered to HIBCC. Please view the following message by HIBCC: Notice to Labelers: HIBCC Contact Information.

The current LIC registrations may be downloaded at HIBCC UDI and Labeling Resource Center.

Healthcare AIDC working group

The activities of the Joint Working Group for automatic identification and data capture in heatlthcare will be contiued on the website


The tool HIBIScan was (so far) not adopted by HIBCC. The tools available on may be used to create or check HIBC codes. Nevertheless, HIBIScan is continued by Elmicron.

Labelers ID file

This web-site contains a labeler ID file covering multiple issuing entities. The HIBC part of the file is now synchronized with the Excel file available at with some time delay.

A couple of programs use this file including HIBIScan, ScanLink for an automated labeler update.

Please use the available Excel-file at instead.

The file for multiple issuing agencies will be discontinued here in 2020-12-31. It is also present at where it will be continued after this date.